Tomboys Barbershop Reopening Guidelines

We're baaaaaaack!!! And we are making some changes, so please read!

Important Changes to Online Booking:

  1. There is more staff! Please make sure to check the staff member before you book!

  2. The prices are all $5 higher! I don't expect my regulars to start tipping more, so the raise in price shouldn't affect you guys, it just helps make sure I get the minimum needed from everyone to offset the cost of PPE and the longer appointment times to allow for additional sanitizing!

  3. I will be moving appointments around to make room for everyone. YOU WILL NOT get a notification unless I need to move you more than 15 minutes. So please, when you get your 24 hour appointment reminder, BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME.

  4. Within the next week we will be adding eye brow waxing and threading as well as no-polish manicures and pedicures with massage. Tara is awesome and will take great care of you.

  5. You will still book online, and we will still keep a waiting list, so message us if you can't find a preferred time slot.

  6. Please don't no-show. We need at least 3 hours notice if you need to cancel, but preferably 24. We cannot afford to mess around at this time. Repeat offenders will be put on booking probation and only allowed to book via wait list or on the day of.

  7. Walk-ins are still welcome, but as always limited to availability, and we will make you an APPOINTMENT when you walk in. You may not wait inside.

Personal Protection Protocol:

  1. You are still welcome to stop in and say hi, or make an appointment request, but visits should be no longer than 5 minutes!

  2. Please wait outside if your barber/stylist is not available. You are welcome to pop in and ask for a time estimate.


  4. You may enter when your barber gives you the signal, not before. Please use hand sanitizer upon entering and refrain from touching your face or pulling your mask down over your nose.

  5. We will still do beard trims, but we will wear a plastic face shield and work as quickly as possible.

  6. Shampoos and steam towels will still be offered, but we may not be able to perform them at times if we are behind schedule or if we squeezed you in. We have to prioritize sanitation between clients.

  7. There will be times where clients are without a mask briefly. If this makes you uncomfortable, talk to us and we will get you in at a time where the shop is slower, or first thing in the morning.

  8. We will try to get you in and out as quickly as possible. You can help us accomplish this by knowing what you want before you come in, and staying focused and on task.

  9. NO GUESTS. This goes against everything a barbershop normally stands for and we hate it, but at this time you may not bring friends or family. Luckily we are in the heart of downtown, so there is plenty for your guests to explore, and we have seating outside.

  10. Refreshments will not be offered at this time.

We can't wait to see all of your beautiful (masked) faces! Let's do our best to work together to keep the shop as safe as possible!

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