My Coach is my Secret Weapon

If you’ve been following me, you may have noticed my tremendous growth in the last 6 months. It is largely thanks to this bundle of gorgeousness, Rebecca Korn.

I used to run screaming when I heard anyone introduce themselves as a “life coach,” but Something resonated with me when I heard Rebecca referred to as a “business coach.“ I knew I had to give her a shot and see if she could really help me level up. I mean, years ago when I got serious about losing weight after a decade of struggling with obesity, I hired a personal trainer. He helped me get on the path to losing over a hundred pounds, and was worth every penny I spent on his services. So it made sense to have a the business equivalent.

A Coach Knows the Mental Game

Hiring a (good) business coach is like hiring a (good) personal trainer. It’s someone who has more knowledge of business than you, who can help you set goals and keep you accountable to them. Much like how a personal trainer understands that there is more to fitness and weight loss than numbers, a business coach understands what it really takes to succeed in business. So much of it is a mental game. Just like in weight loss, your biggest hurdle in business is often yourself.

A Coach Keeps the Long Game in Mind While You Focus on the Short

Since hiring Rebecca, my income has nearly doubled, and I am on the path to increasing it even more. We set a 2 year goal, and in only 2 months I hit it, and I believe I will soon surpass it. I’ve learned what it means to create sources of passive income, and her support has given me the courage to get out there and start interviewing and hiring employees, which was very scary for me.

I can be all over the place, but Rebecca is organized and keeps track while I get all creative and crazy. She will bring up things we talked about months ago, that I would have forgotten or let fall to the wayside. This lets me focus on whatever my daily and weekly goals are, while she keeps me on the path to reaching my longer term goals.

A Coach Gets You Through the Lean Times

I was well into working with Rebecca and seeing some real success when the coronavirus hit my area and I had to close my business. I was so scared, and I considered pausing her services, but given how fast she helped me level up, I was more scared to stop progressing. I’m so glad I didn’t stop. Not having to physically be at my job gave me the time to work on all the back end stuff like building a website and starting a blog, and also gave me the opportunity to make some positive changes to my routine as well as my beliefs about what I can accomplish.

The quarantine forced me to face some serious personal stuff, and I don’t know if I would have made it through mentally intact without her. I certainly wouldn’t have been as productive, nor would I have earned as much money as I did. Just by having someone to check in with after setting a goal to say, “launch my online store by Saturday,“ helps motivate me to actually get it done.

A Coach Looks at the Whole Picture

When I have my weekly session with Rebecca, we don’t just focus on what’s happening with my business. We look at my habits for the week such as my sleep, my exercise, my moods. We look at what books I read, how much tv I watched. We see if I met the goals from the last week, which sometimes include simple things such as spending time with my kids. If I don’t meet a goal, we either readjust, or create a plan for how I can meet it the next week.

She even sometimes check in on me throughout the week to see if I say, made the doctor appointment for that pain in my abdomen! (True story.) I don’t know if she does that specifically for all her clients, but she knows that I don’t have anyone else checking in on me for that sort of thing, and that I am historically known for neglecting myself in that way.

A Coach Invests in YOU and Won’t Let You Quit

Don’t be fooled by her sweetness, Rebecca will kick your butt! Picture the training montage in Rocky. That is how it feels sometimes, like I’m preparing for the fight of a lifetime. I had a moment during quarantine where I wanted to give up on everything. I stopped trying for a couple of weeks, and Rebecca kicked my butt in a way that a friend never could. No punches pulled. She reminded me of everything I’ve accomplished, and said, “And now you want to quit? 5 minutes before the miracle?”

Rebecca is an entrepreneur and a fighter/survivor herself. She knows what it takes to dig deep and push yourself beyond anything you even think possible. She knows my struggle, and knows even when I don’t how capable I am. Because of this, she will never let me quit. Not to mention the fact that the more growth I have and the more successful I am, the better she looks as a coach. This alone lets me know she is truly invested in my success.

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