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Updated: Jun 14, 2020

We explain the do's and don'ts of the shop so you don't have to awkwardly wonder what to do... and what to don't. The introverts are going to treasure this post, but everyone should find it useful and informative.

***This post was written pre-pandemic. We will write a separate post with covid policies and add a link here.***

Do you take walk-ins?

We do take walk-ins when we are available, but we don't guarantee availability. If you do walk in and no one is available, you can put your name, contact info, availability, and how soon you can be there on our sign in pad, and we will call you when something opens up.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit/debit, paypal, venmo. We don't have a strong preference.

I don't like asking about prices. Do you have a price list?

If you are on your phone or computer you can find the list here.----insert link--- If you are in the shop you can pick up one of the pamphlets. In fact, if you haven't been in before, stopping to grab a pamphlet is the perfect excuse to check the place out and say hello! (Told you we had your backs, introverts.)

Do you accept tips? Do you expect them? How much DO I tip? Do I tip the owner? Or don't I? Do I need to tip in cash?

Whoa, don't overthink it! Tips are generally expected and always appreciated, but you must do what you are comfortable with. Talking about gratuity is just as awkward for us, so click here and hopefully ---this post on the do's and don'ts of tipping-- will help clarify.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

We do! Don't cancel. Just kidding. But seriously, don't no-show. You have to the power to cancel or reschedule your appointment online through square at any point from conception to up to 3 hours before your appointment time. And that is without having to talk to anyone! The system won't let you do anything less than 3 hours, so please text, email, or call and leave a message. We always have a wait list of people who live or work nearby, so the more notice you give, the more likely we can fill an open slot.

Do I have to pay if I miss an appointment?

You don't, but most of our clients understand the value of time, and will either pay for the service they missed, or they will tip double next time. If it happens more than twice, you will be put on booking probation. That means that you can no longer book in advance. You must contact us to book day of, and risk being put on the wait list. We don't want to do that!

Do I lose my deposit on a chemical service if I no-show?

If you no-show for a service that required a deposit, then you forfeit that deposit.

Do you have a waitlist?

We do! If you come in you can put your name, contact info, availability, and how soon you can be there on our notepad. Or you can shoot us a message via text at ---Insert number--- or through our virtual sign up sheet here ---insert link--- and we will text you if and when something opens up.

Do I need to arrive early?

You don't need to arrive early, but you are welcome to if you don't mind waiting.

What should I do if I'm running late or I'm short on time?

If you are running more than a few minutes late, please text or call and leave us a message. If you're more than 15 minutes late, we might have to reschedule. In reverse, we ourselves may be running up to 15 minutes behind. If you know you are short on time, let us know in advance if possible. We try to stick to the schedule and we do our best to text you as soon as we know we are running behind, but we can't always predict how long a service will take. We do our best to communicate and accommodate.

I have time to kill before or after my appointment. Do you mind if I hang out?

We don't mind at all if you hang out! There are puzzles and magazines, phone chargers, and places to plug in a laptop. There are even a couple of tables where you can eat a snack, preferably nothing smelly. And there's usually an interesting conversation happening shop-wide and you are always welcome to participate! Our community is vast and diverse, and you never know who you will meet or what you will hear!

Do you mind if I bring a friend?

This is a social place, and we love it when people bring a friends or family members, but occasionally we don't have room! We do our best to accommodate, and always make room for kids, but the nice thing about our location is that there's a ton to do and see downtown, right outside our door!

Do I have to socialize?

Of course you don't, you introverted butterfly. We have window seats offset from the main floor, and there are lonesome chairs tucked in random places just for you! We are trained in the body language of the introvert, but we can help you better if you tell us you are uncomfortable. (Write it to us if need be.) We find that most introverts want to at least listen to the conversation around them if not occasionally contribute, so we can position you so that you are only half facing the group so you can control when you look up if at all. We have lots of tricks like that for making you comfortable.

Do you offer refreshments or other creature comforts?

Yes we do! We have water, coffee, soda, beer and wine (limit one serving per guest), and there's a variety of candy to be found throughout the shop. In the bathroom we have pain relievers, cough drops, first aid, mouthwash, toothbrushes, a lint roller, and feminine hygiene products, so please help yourself when in need.

I'm stopping for coffee on the way. Do you want some?

It really depends on the person, the day, the mood, the time of day... Just kidding. We do. We never expect it, but we always say yes to coffee.

Do I need to enter Strawberry Square to get to your shop?

No you do not! We are part of the square, but we are located on 3rd St, just across from the Whitaker Center. We have a street facing store front, and you cannot access our shop from inside the mall. We do recommend you stop in the mall anyway to grab some Little Amps Coffee, check out the giant Rube Goldberg machine, do a little shopping, and hit the food court upstairs.

Do you have any thoughts or questions you'd like to add? Don't hesitate to write to us or comment below!

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