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As a female barber, Dani felt out of place whether she worked in a salon or in a barbershop. She wanted something that had the old school barbershop meaningful conversation/community feel where men can relax and be themselves, but women and the whole lgbtq community get to be a part of it, too. The girly-girls have their safe space, and the bros have theirs, but Dani wanted something different. Unable to find that perfect fit, she decided to create her own space. 

The story of Tomboys Barbershop is one of perseverance. Opening this coveted location at Strawberry Square, in the heart of Downtown Harrisburg was THREE years in the making! Dani had to teach herself how to research and write a business plan, as a single mother of 3 with no background in business. She didn't do it alone though, her loyal client base of years shared all of their knowledge and resources, and the kind folks at banks like Centric and Member's First along with the people who run Harristown Enterprises offered mentoring and support. No one did the work for her, and no one expected her to keep showing up, but she did. 

Shortly after opening the doors, the whole operation along with all of Pennsylvania's non-essential business had to shut down to the covid-19 pandemic. Dani was suddenly no longer able to cut hair, so she used her time to build a website, invest in her skills and knowledge, and soak up the rejuvenating rest and family time so that she could come back stronger than ever. 

Tomboys Barbershop is truly a place where the labor is loved, and the clients are seen, heard, and Dani invests in them as much as they have invested in her. You know from the moment you walk in that you are welcome, you are safe, and you are going to have an awesome experience. 

When you are a client here, you are part of something bigger and you can feel it. 


Tomboys Barbershop

3 n 3rd St 

Harrisburg, PA


T  /  717-602-1663


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